British Newspaper: 300 Britons From Daesh Stranded In Raqqa and Mosul

BAGHDAD - About 300 British people, including children and women, are stranded in areas under Daesh control in Raqqa and Mosul, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The newspaper quoted the British General, Robert Jones, deputy commander of the international coalition forces to combat "Daesh," as expected to be soon eliminating those foreign fighters who are still in Mosul and Raqqa, by "local forces."

The coalition encourages local forces to besiege Mosul and Raqqa to prevent hundreds of foreign terrorists from escaping to Europe after the collapse of "Daesh."

General Jones confirmed that "tightening the noose around al-Raqqa," while Iraqi forces continue to clean up the old city of Mosul from insurgents.

The general said that in the past there was a large influx of foreign fighters to Iraq and Syria, but today this flow has turned into a sluggish course.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency