Baghdad The British newspaper “The Sun” changed the title and text of its article on the date of the start of the alleged Russian “attack” on Ukraine.

Yesterday, Tuesday, major British newspapers reported that the Russian “attack” on Ukraine will take place at 03:00 local time on Wednesday.

The newspaper “The Sun” quoted US intelligence as saying that three o’clock in the morning is the “most likely time”, while the newspaper “Mirror” also wrote about this, quoting sources in the US intelligence who allegedly told reporters in Kiev this time.

Now the headline and introduction of the article in the newspaper “The Sun” states that “Russia is ready to launch an attack on Ukraine at any time, using a massive missile strike and 200,000 military personnel, as confirmed by US intelligence.” In the original version of the article, available in the cache archive, instead of “anytime” it said “tomorrow at one o’clock”.

As it says in this version that three o’clock in the morning is the “most likely time” to issue a “command,” now this part of the text says that the night “passed without incident.”

In a tweet to the newspaper “The Sun” on “Twitter”, there is talk so far about the start of the “invasion” as of 3:00 am today, Wednesday.

The Mirror article about the alleged Russian “attack” remains unchanged.

The Kremlin previously expressed its disappointment with the news published by a number of Western media about the beginning of the Russian “attack” on Ukraine on Wednesday morning.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency