Busztin To NINA: UN Is A Faithful Party To The Political Forces In Iraq

BAGHDAD / Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, GyAlrgy Busztin confirmed that "the United Nations is faithful party to the political forces in Iraq since the beginning of the democracy and wants serve the security and stability in Iraq."

He told the National Iraqi News Agency /: Based on the instructions and recommendations of the United Nations, we want to have a role in the stability of Iraq and with donors and those who care about the situations in Iraq of the region, which take notice to what the United Nations says. "

He said, "We have resolutions issued from the forums that work on women's issues and we want to apply the special recommendations and Abadi's government is a constructive and effective partner in implementing the decisions."

He expressed his best wishes "to go beyond this difficult phase" adding "we are optimistic that everyone will work with the United Nations' recommendations.".

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers held a special conference yesterday on anti- violence based social diversity in the presence of Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations in Iraq, GyAlrgy Busztin and the head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, Moayyad al--Lami.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency