Carter Hints To Continuing US Military Presence In Iraq After Daesh

BAGHDAD / US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announced that, "The US army and its international partners need to stay in Iraq, even after the expected defeat for the organization," Daesh "terrorist in Mosul.

Carter said in a speech at the National Defense Forum held at the Library and the Museum of Ronald Reagan in California: "There is a lot to do after the expulsion of Daesh from Iraq to ensure a complete victory over the organization, through the face of the flow of foreign militants who may resort to the repositioning and restructuring again in Iraq. "

Carter called for a joint international effort to train, equip and support the local police and the Iraqi border guards, to maintain the security of areas that are cleared from "Daesh."

The secretary pointed out that "in his final weeks in office he focuses on ensuring a smooth transition of the defense ministry to his successor, who will be announced officially taking office on Monday, retired Gen. James Mattis, ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency