Change Movement, Islamic Group Renew Their Request To Postpone The Popular Referendum

Sulaymaniyah – Change Movement and the Kurdistan Islamic Group renewed their demand to postpone the date of the popular referendum scheduled for the end of this month.

A senior delegation of the Movement, headed by General Omar al-Sayyid Ali, general coordinator of the Change Movement, visited the headquarters of the Islamic Group in the city of Sulaymaniyah on Monday, where Ali met with Ali Babir, head of the Islamic Group.

After the meeting, the two sides issued a joint communiqué requesting renewed postponement of the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan region and the need to legislate a law on it in the Kurdistan Parliament, considering that the issue of the referendum belongs exclusively to legislative institutions.

In their joint communiqué, the two sides stressed the need to abolish the law of compulsory saving of employees and improve the living conditions of citizens and activate the role and activity of the Kurdistan Parliament to resolve the problems and differences between the political parties.

The Change Movement and the Islamic group called to postpone the referendum to another time, and demanded to conduct the elections in a timely manner, expressing their willingness to engage in serious talks in order to find solutions to the current crises that ravage the Kurdistan region.

The decision to hold a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan was taken on June 7 during the meeting of Massoud Barzani and the heads of the parties in harmony with him, amid boycotting by the Change Movement and the Islamic Group, where the participants decided to hold a referendum for the independence of the province on the twenty-fifth of this September, and also agreed to hold parliamentary elections and presidential elections in early November

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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