Coalition Aircraft Bomb The 5 Bridges In Mosul And Target Daesh Gatherings

Mosul / The international coalition aircraft bombed again the five bridges in Mosul after being targeted and exit from the service completely with the start of military operations, according to a military source.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / that the international coalition aircraft launched raids on Tuesday morning targeted the first, second, third, fourth and fifth bridges with seven missiles, which finished the infrastructure completely to these bridges and their features have disappeared from the city of Mosul.

He added that the international coalition returned bombing the bridges to make sure not to use them to cross the fighters of Daesh on feet to the left coast in Mosul, which is witnessing heavy fighting with Iraqi forces, adding that the international coalition had bombed the five bridges with the launch of the operations to liberate Mosul.

On the other side, the source added that the international coalition targeted by an aerial bombardment, gatherings of Daesh near the banks of the Tigris River and killed about 13 of Daesh including leading figures of Arab nationality, according to the forensic medicine of Mosul.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency