Commander In Chief Of Armed Forces Orders To Protect Demonstrators And Prevent Armed Manifestations

Baghdad The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, ordered to protect the demonstrators and prevent armed manifestations.

A statement by the Security Media Cell said that, as part of its keenness to preserve the peacefulness of the demonstrations, protect the security and safety of the demonstrators and enable them to exercise their constitutional right in accordance with legal controls, the joint security forces, which were entrusted with the task of securing the demonstrations, began their duties with complete professionalism and high concern that shows the extent to which these forces assume national responsibility and morality towards the honorable peaceful demonstrators is based on the directive of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and his clear orders in this context and based on protecting the security and safety of the demonstrators, maintaining the peacefulness of the demonstrations, preventing armed manifestations, refusing to use weapons, preserving public and private money, and rejecting illegal practices that may divert the course of demonstrations from their peaceful course”.

The statement added that the security forces are also keen, in their strategy to protect the demonstrators, to impose comprehensive security cordons that secure the movement of demonstrators in the demonstration squares in the capital Baghdad and the various governorates of the country, noting that the plan to secure the demonstrations included coordination with the competent departments to ensure the flow of traffic, which guarantees not to stop citizens’ interests and everyday public life. ”

The statement continued, on the humanitarian side, the joint forces were keen to secure medical detachments in the security sectors in Baghdad and the provinces, while providing water and treatment for all the demonstrators.

The Joint Operations Command called on the honorable protesting brothers to the importance of adhering to the peaceful demonstrations and expressing their constitutional right completely freely, which reflects their culture, commitment and patriotism, stressing the joint Iraqi security forces will be keen to protect the peaceful demonstrations and the security of the demonstrators and provide them with full support.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency