Commander Of We Are Coming Tal Afar Operations Arrives At the HQ Of Tigris Operations In Diyala

Baquba, – Deputy Commander of joint operations in charge of the (We Are Coming Tal Afar Operations, Lt. Gen Abdu al-Amir Yarallah arrived at the headquarters of the Tigris operations command north-east of Baquba.

An informed source told the correspondent of the that the commander of (We Are Coming Tal Afar Operations) Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah arrived at the Tigris operations command to attend the security meeting held by the chief of staff of the army, Lt. Gen Othman al-Ghanmi with security leaders in Diyala province.

He added that the security leaders stressed the need for joint coordination between the security forces and the popular mobilization forces to secure Diyala border in full preparation for the battle to liberate Hawija.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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