Daesh Evacuates Residents Of Areas That Are Still Under Its Control By Force To The Right Side Of Mosul

Mosul / The terrorist organization Daesh launched at dawn today campaign of raids in neighborhoods that are still under its control in northern and eastern axes of Mosul, according to a security source.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / that "Daesh militants forced population in northern and eastern axes areas to leave their homes within a period not exceeding three hours and go through the fifth and third bridges to be crossing by boats allocated to them by Daesh.

He added, "Daesh ordered to transfer the families and evacuate areas immediately because of the quick progress of the Iraqi forces and their control on dozens of neighborhoods within the northern and south-east axes within a very few days with the launch of the second phase to complete the liberation of the left coast in Mosul."

The source noted that Daesh executed in Nergal area (nine) civilians, mostly young people refused to go out with Daesh and cross to the western and southern coast of the right axis, and ordered their bodies to remain at the place of the implementation of the execution, east of Mosul.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency