Daesh Executes 17 Of Its Leaders For Their Escape From Battlefield In West Of Mosul

Mosul - Daesh organization has carried out a death sentence against 17 of its leaders in western Mosul, according to a security source.

"The organization carried out the execution of 17 leaders in the organization, most of them Arabs nationality, on the background of their escape from residential neighborhoods in the western axis, which anti-terrorism forces controlled it, west of Mosul."

He added that "Daesh militants were executed in Baaj district because of their escape from the battlefield and their bodies so far inside the district and they were executed by firing squad."

On the other hand, the rapid reaction forces found a mass grave consisting 20 bodies belonging to civilians in Rifai area west of Mosul"

The forces handed over the bodies of the civilians to the forensic medicine in Mosul to be identified by their relatives."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency