Daesh Executes 3 Families For Refusing To Put Daesh Missile Bases In Their Homes

Mosul / Daesh terrorists executed three families consisting of 26 people, including women and children, east of Mosul, according to a security source.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / that "Daesh carried out the death sentence amid Baker Street for refusing to put Daesh missile bases in their homes."

He added, "Daesh is conducting very large executions against civilians for its failing in Mosul battles and victories achieved by the Iraqi forces within the left-side in Mosul."

For his part, the source announced the start of operations to break into the "first Qadisiyah area after Iraqi forces end and control of Qadisiyah second area fully in left side of Mosul," noting that "within hours we will announce freeing Qadisiyah second fully and we will head to the left center, east of Mosul"

Source: National Iraqi News Agency