Daesh Kidnap 20 Families In Mosul

Mosul / Daesh militants kidnapped twenty families from Muthanna region of Mosul after the progress of the Iraqi forces and arriving on the outskirts of the region.

A security source told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency / that "Daesh kidnapped 20 families under the pretext of homes evacuation and transferred them to an unknown location where they were being transported in buses under heavy security measures by Husba (Daesh Police) in the Muthanna region before the arrival of Iraqi troops that are currently deployed on the outskirts of the region.

The source noted that Daesh took the families to an unknown destination to avenge them, especially the families are receiving Iraqi forces and cooperate with them against the organization through information indicating the presence of Daesh in their secret strongholds inside residential neighborhoods in Mosul, ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency