Dawa Bloc: Calls For Providing Written Guarantee From The Government Not To Against The Presence Of The Vice-oil-producing provinces vote on the budget session

BAGHDAD / Dawa parliamentary bloc announced that ending boycott of the oil-producing provinces representatives of the House of Representatives and their return to attend the vote on the draft budget law session depends on providing written assurances by the government not to appeal to paragraphs voted on by parliament.

Head of the bloc, Khalaf Abdul Samad told the National Iraqi News Agency / "we have informed the presidency that the parliament's blocs voted on the overall oil-producing provinces demands, which an allocation of $ 5-and the 50% of revenue for the border crossing points and issuance of treasury bonds to pay off the provincial debt."

He added that "in the previous budget also was voted the same demands and the government challenged later, therefore we need a written government guarantee not to appeal," noting that "a delegation of the parliament's presidency will negotiate with the government and then to present written guarantee from the government against the House of Representatives in today's meeting. "

He said, "The end a boycott of the MPs of the oil-producing provinces and their attendance to complete the quorum to vote on the budget bill session will depend on the provision of such guarantees or not."

About the claims of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Bloc, he explained that "there are no real obstacles to the demands of the Kurdistan Alliance, and it would naturally the Democratic Party bloc disagreed with the position of the other blocs."

The House of Representatives postponed the vote on the completion of the remaining paragraphs within the budget bill to Wednesday .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency