Death toll from floods in Germany and Belgium rises to at least 168 persons

Baghdad The number of victims of floods in western Germany and Belgium has risen to at least 168 persons, after rivers and torrential rains collapsed, destroying roads and power lines.

About 141 people died in the floods / according to Reuters / in the worst natural disaster in Germany in more than half a century, and police estimates that among them about 98 people died in the Arweiler region, south of Cologne.

The police indicated that: Hundreds are still missing or inaccessible because the high water level prevents access to many areas, and communications are still cut off in some places.

In Belgium, the National Crisis Center, which coordinates relief efforts, announced that the death toll had risen to 27.

It added: There are 103 people missing or unreachable.

He explained that: It is possible that the reason behind the inaccessibility of some is that they were unable to recharge mobile phones or that they are in hospitals without identity papers.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency