Defense Ministry: Army Aviation kills / 45 / terrorists in different parts of Nineveh

BAGHDAD / National The Ministry of Defense announced that the army aviation managed to kill / 45 / terrorists from Daesh in different parts of Nineveh.

A statement by the Ministry said today that the Army Aviation managed through a number of armed sorties of killing / 28 / terrorists from Daesh and destroyed / 3 / vehicles carrying Machine guns, and burning / 3 / different vehicles, in Tel Afar region within the popular crowd axis."

He explained that the continuation of the search and inspection operation in the liberated areas within the sector of Anbar operations, detachment processing of the bombs in the eighth division, the Third Battalion of the Anbar Commandos Brigade in al-Znkurh area of the bombing of / 25 / explosive devices and arrested / 7 / wanted men by the first regiment, Brigade / 31 / with their intention to cross into Ramadi island by boats ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency