Deputy Prime Minister of Kurdistan: We are trying to cooperate with Baghdad to solve the electricity problem throughout Iraq

Baghdad The Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government and head of the negotiating delegation with Baghdad, Qubad Talabani, announced today, Thursday, seeking to cooperate with the federal government to solve the electricity problem throughout Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, indicating the government’s intention to rely entirely on natural gas in generating electricity and its production.

Talabani said during a ceremony to operate 10 transformers for ten power stations in the district of Koysinjaq of the Erbil governorate: “The region’s problem in the electricity file is not related to production, but rather is related to distribution networks, most of which have not been rehabilitated so far, and it has a significant impact on energy transmission and distribution.

He added that the government planned to support the private sector to renew the transmission and distribution networks and review the distribution method, stressing that the government will take “strict measures” against all abuses of the electrical networks.

The Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that the cost of electricity production is very high, and therefore the government intends to rely on natural gas by 100 percent in generating and producing electric power.

Regarding the talks with the Iraqi government, Talabani stressed that “the issue of electricity also constitutes a very important point in the negotiations with Baghdad, and that the regional government is trying to cooperate and coordinate with the federal government to solve the electricity problem throughout Iraq and the region.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency