Baghdad Deputy Speaker of Parliament Shakhwan Abdullah received, this Wednesday evening, a delegation from the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by Sami Jalal, Legal Adviser and a number of general directors of the departments of residence, nationality and passports in the provinces of the region.

During the meeting, according to a statement by Abdullah’s office, they discussed ways to enhance cooperation mechanisms between the region and the federal government, while the Sinjar Agreement and the file of the displaced were discussed, as well as security and legal measures to establish foreign manpower.

The Deputy Speaker of the Parliament stressed the need for continued cooperation and joint coordination between Baghdad and Erbil in order to solve problems and address outstanding issues and files, and the importance of activating the Sinjar Agreement to ensure the return of security and stability in the region .

Abdullah stressed the need to provide aid and support to camps for the displaced in the Kurdistan region, and to transfer their financial allocations to the region within the law of emergency support for food security and development to provide services, food, humanitarian and medical aid, and to provide what the displaced families need, especially as we are on the threshold of the cold winter season and directing possibilities to alleviate their suffering.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency