Baghdad The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hassan Al-Kaabi, stressed the importance of the presence of the United Nations mission, the International Federation team and all international organizations in Iraq and their participation in monitoring the elections, because of their importance in motivating citizens to participate, the transparency of voting, and enhancing the confidence of voters in the electoral process and the achieved results. .

Al-Kaabi indicated, during his meeting with German Ambassador Ole Diehl and political advisor at the embassy Beata Hobe, that “all previous elections were held under exceptional circumstances, but despite that they were “accomplished” and there is no reason to postpone them, whatever the arguments some try to market in various ways. “.

He added, “The previous experiences, although painful or unsuccessful in achieving the desired goals, but they yielded experiences,” noting that “the mechanisms for forming the next government will be different from the past eighteen years. There is a government responsible for implementing its programs, so we must move forward in building and maintaining a strong state.”

For his part, the German ambassador affirmed his country’s support for strengthening bilateral relations at various levels with Iraq, as well as the seven countries’ support for the Iraqi economic sector for its importance in achieving stability for this country, expressing the willingness of German investment companies and their desire to work inside Iraq.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency