Deputy: The Fayrouzia schools in Basra are worse than the Darfur schools

Basra / NINA / The representative of Basra Governorate, Kazem Finjan Al-Hamami, affirmed that “there are miserable conditions for a poor cardboard building that includes three schools in the Al-Fayrouziya area in the Shatt Al-Arab district of Basra Governorate. He called on the concerned authorities to assume their negligent responsibilities and to speed up their restoration and maintenance.

” Al-Hamami said in a press statement. A CD-ROM to the Minister of Education showing the miserable conditions of a meager cartoony building that includes three schools, a medium-devotion for boys. Seedrat Al Khair Primary School for Girls. Al-Anfwan Primary Boys School. / Shatt Al-Arab District.

He explained, “This building can be classified (of imminent danger) and threatens the lives of students, and usually requires evacuation and the implementation of extensive maintenance work, or removing parts of it, and rebuilding it again.

He continued, “Parents fear for the lives of their children in this school, and the main problem that haunts them is the lack of fences, doors and windows, and their fears have varied due to cracking of its walls and cracking of its roofs that are destined to fall, but they have to agree to their children going to it. Because it is the only one in the village, and there is no one.” Other alternative, describing the Fayrouziya schools are worse than the Darfur schools.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency