Baghdad Dhi Qar Health Department has detained today 9 people suspected of being infected with the Indian strain of Coronavirus.

The director general of the governorate health department, Dr. Saddam al-Tawil, told the Nasiriyah News Network that his department had detained 9 people coming from India, who were received from the Ministry of Health and they are from Dhi Qar governorate, after the recent emergence of infections among those coming from India.

Al-Tawil pointed out that the suspects were quarantined in Nasiriyah in a special corridor prepared for them according to the instructions of the Ministry for a period of 14 days until the results of the tests appeared.

It is reported that the Ministry of Health received the second batch, coming from India, with 410 citizens, who were evacuated from India on an exceptional flight.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency