Director General of Kirkuk Health Directorate: Our situation is serious and our hospitals cannot accommodate the number of injured

Kirkuk The Director-General of Kirkuk Health Directorate described the health situation in the province as dangerous and very difficult, warning of the inability of Kirkuk hospitals to absorb the number of people infected with the Corona virus.

Dr. Nabil Hamdi Bushnak said that the health situation is very dangerous and the citizens of our governorate do not care and the consequences are serious.

He pointed out that the number of infections is increasing very dramatically, and we fear the collapse of the health sector in the next few days, stressing that we have not registered any hospital admissions from people who received the vaccine.

He added that we are afraid of surprises after the holiday after the return of tourists from the cities of Kurdistan .. calling on the people to take the matter seriously, otherwise we will lose many.

He explained that Kirkuk’s health stocks of oxygen are good, but if the number increases, we fear that the matter will get out of control.

He stressed by saying that we do not want to harm people’s livelihood by imposing a curfew, but in return we want them to adhere to preventive measures.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency