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Director of Safwan District: 15,000 chickens infected with bird flu were destroyed

Basra The Director of Safwan district, west of Basra, Talib Khalil Al-Hasuna, announced that 15,000 chickens infected with bird flu were destroyed in one of the fields in the district.

Al-Hasuna said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that there are deaths in other poultry fields that have not yet been proven infected in Basra laboratories, and samples were sent to Baghdad to know the results.

Al-Hasuna confirmed that there are measures taken not to grant health licenses to the owners of the fields until the infections are confirmed, “in addition to not marketing eggs and meat of table chickens until the samples are confirmed.”

Hasuna indicated that those concerned with health affairs confirmed that the bird flu virus will not be transmitted to humans, but rather that it affects birds only.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency