Diyala Environment: Corona virus infections increased due to the “hidden carrier” of the disease

Baquba The Environment Directorate in Diyala Governorate has warned of the spread of Corona virus infections due to medical waste being dumped for the infected in landfills.

The Director of the Directorate, Abdullah Al-Shammari, told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: “Mixing health and treatment waste for Corona patients with household waste is a great danger and a “hidden vector” of the Corona virus and threatens many societal segments, most notably the cleaners and scavengers, who are people looking for materials in waste to sell.

He added, “Dumping medical waste for Corona patients with household waste and transporting it to landfills is a great danger that must be addressed, and solutions must be found to stop this phenomenon, which is one of the reasons for the exacerbation and transmission of the epidemic.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency