Dozens of terrorists killed in Al-Qaim, west of Anbar

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) The intelligence hawks cell carried out a qualitative operation that led to the killing and wounding of dozens of terrorists in Qaim district in western Anbar.

"The intelligence hawks of the Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency in the Ministry of the Interior carried out an operation by directing successful air strikes today on four sites of Daesh gangs west of Anbar and in coordination with the Joint Operations Command by the Iraqi Air Force, affiliated to the so-called state of the Island in the district of 7 April in the Al-Qaim district led to the killing of 11 criminals of Daesh, including Mohammed Hussein al-Afri, nicknamed Abu Hashem.

"It added that they destroyed a site of Daesh which is a weapons depot in the Nahda neighborhood, was killed 30 terrorists, most importantly Mohammed Abu Qasuwara, the suicide bombers' headquarters were also targeted in the village of Saada, killing 12 terrorists and destroying two vehicles at the site, the destruction of a site for the state of the Island, that led to the killing of 15 terrorists and the wounding of 8 others.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency