Drug Trafficking Gang Apprehended in Sulaymaniyah Following Armed Confrontation

Baghdad – The General Directorate of Sulaymaniyah Security (Asayish) has successfully apprehended a drug trafficking gang in Sulaymaniyah after engaging in armed confrontations. This operation was carried out on Monday, marking a significant crackdown on drug-related activities in the region.

According to National Iraqi News Agency, the operation was conducted in the city of Kalar by detachments of the Asayish Operations Directorate, in coordination with the Narcotics Control Directorate of the Security Service. The operation, based on judicial orders, targeted three drug dealers who attempted to escape and opened fire on the forces executing the operation.

The statement further revealed that the Asayish detachments managed to detain the three suspects in record time, despite the armed resistance. During the confrontation, one of the suspects was injured. The forces also seized narcotic materials, including a kilogram of crystal and hashish, which were in the possession of the arrested individuals.