DTM Turkey Migrant Presence Monitoring – Overview of the Situation with Migrants, Quarterly Report Q4 | October November December 2022


According to the latest available figures from the Turkish Presidency of Migration Management (PMM), there are more than 5.2* million foreign nationals present in Turkish territory, 3.9* million of whom are seeking international protection. Most are Syrians (3,535,898* individuals) who are granted temporary protection status. In addition, international protection applicants from countries including Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq constitute another group of foreign nationals. According to PMM, there were 29,256* international protection applicants present in Türkiye in 20211, published annually. Moreover, according to UNHCR**, there were 318,903 refugees and asylum-seekers in Türkiye as of mid of 2022. Since September 2022 the number of Syrians residing in camps has decreased by 481.

Source: International Organization for Migration