During a meeting with Y?ld?r?m .. Masum : The important thing in Iraq’s relations now is the attitude toward terrorism

BAGHDAD / " President Fuad Masum stressed that the important thing in Iraq's relationships now is the situation of terrorism and support and outsourcing to our army and people, as we are fighting an honorable war against criminals, and terrorists."

A Presidential statement said that Masum received this evening, Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim and his accompanying delegation.

The statement quoted Masum as saying that "common interests and supported by historical and cultural ties between Iraq and Turkey, require work at a faster pace in order to overcome what happened, differences and tensions between the two countries, but relations remain, and tensions disappear."

He explained, "that our forces are proceeding with their heroic work for the liberation of every inch of the land of Iraq from the conception of terrorism and rid the world of evil, it is necessary after the victory over Daesh in Iraq and Syria, the countries in the region are common and intense and sincere working to remove the effects of extremism and terrorism, including allowing to move to more sophisticated in regional relations, stability and cooperation stages in the region. "

He continued: "that is our cooperation as partners in the region in order to strengthen victory against terrorism, will accelerate the chances of eliminating it," adding that "this visit will be followed by visits between officials of the two countries who should work to develop a joint action at all domains, which means relationships between the two countries and ways of developing them. "

For his part, Yildirim conveyed to President Masum, the greetings of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and also expressed his appreciation and happiness for the big successes achieved and continue to achieve by our armed forces in the heroic war against Daesh, according to the statement.

Yildirim stressed that "these victories are important to completely eliminate terrorism in the region and to rid the world of evil", stressing the keenness of his country and its government to work hand in hand with Iraq to eliminate terrorism and to work on the development of relations and cooperation between the two neighbors.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency