During his inspection of the wounded in the bombing of Sadr City .. Al-Kadhimi sponsors the travel of those who need treatment outside Iraq / Expanded

Baghdad The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, inspected today, Thursday, the wounded in the terrorist bombing in Al-Sadr City, who were sleeping in the Medical City Hospital; to check on their health and condition.

He visited the wards of the wounded and reviewed the medical and health services, and directed to provide all means of support necessary for their recovery, in addition to sponsoring the travel and care of those who need treatment outside Iraq.

Addressing the patients, Al-Kadhimi said: “You are a trust in our necks, and that cowardly terrorism has been humiliating in targeting defenseless civilians in the markets.”

The Prime Minister also met with the medical city hospital staff, and praised their great efforts for what they have done; In order to save the lives of the wounded, in addition to their mighty work in addressing the Corona pandemic and standing in the first line against the pandemic.

Al-Kadhimi indicated that the country is living in exceptional circumstances, and there is a clear failure to support the health sector during the period of previous governments, stressing the need for solidarity, thoughtful planning, and work around the clock; in order to correct the situation of the health sector in the country.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency