His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, sent a message of thanks and gratitude to General Ali Al-Mutawa, Head of the United Arab Emirates’ search and rescue team, which took part in the relief efforts following the earthquake that struck the Al Haouz region.

In this message, the Sovereign underlines that the active participation of the members of the UAE team, alongside their Moroccan brothers, in the search and rescue operations following the tragic earthquake that struck the Al Haouz region “has touched Us and the entire Moroccan people enormously and deeply.”

“We express Our deep pride and gratitude for this generous humanitarian contribution, which embodies the depth of the ties of solid brotherhood and active solidarity that unite the Emirati and Moroccan peoples,” writes the Sovereign in the message.

HM the King also expresses, on this occasion, on His own behalf and on behalf of the Moroccan people, His warmest thanks and deepest gratitude “for the generous efforts you have made, your great professionalism and your recognized efficiency during these operations.”

The Sovereign charges the Emirati team leader with conveying to each member of the team the expression of His heartfelt thanks and gratitude for this noble initiative, which “truly reflects the depth of the feelings of sincere affection and active solidarity that you feel for your second country, and which are peculiar to the sons of the authentic Emirati people.”

“We reiterate to you Our deepest feelings of consideration and gratitude for your noble support, which stems from your strong attachment to the values of cooperation and mutual aid to which Our holy Islamic religion calls,” the Sovereign said, praying to the Almighty to “perpetuate upon you the blessings of health and well-being, and to preserve you and your brotherly country from all misfortune.”

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse