Economist Calls On The Government To Revive Tourist Areas In Baghdad To Boost The National Economy

BAGHDAD - A senior official in the economic sector Malath Al-Amin called to revive the national tourism sector and diversify its services in the capital Baghdad to provide additional jobs and spare the thinking of spending holidays abroad.

Al-Amin said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that "Iraq has natural attractions areas suitable to be attractive areas in certain seasons of the year and another can be attractive for all the days of the year, indicating that the improved purchasing power and high incomes of most Iraqis calls for the success of the means of consumption of the margin of high incomes through the creation of new outlets that bring prosperity and spend useful times and beautiful in the elected areas of an aesthetic nature or enjoy a pleasant climate.

He stressed that "the central government in Baghdad should think about the search for these areas and invest them to benefit them, for example, take advantage of the archaeological area west of Baghdad - Aqraqof � Mada'in-Samarra or religious areas in Kadhimiya and Adhamiya and Bab al-Sheikh and others and establish hotels and restaurants and children's playgrounds - the city of games - and markets, which encourages spending for entertainment.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency