The Egyptian Foreign Ministry affirmed in a statement on Sunday, reported by ‘Russia Today’, Egypt’s condemnation in the strongest terms ‘the Israeli forces’ continued attacks against defenseless Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, which claimed the lives of more than 60 martyrs during the past 24 hours, in addition to the hundreds of martyrs who fell while they were waiting for humanitarian aid at the Kuwait Roundabout and before that, the Nabulsi Roundabout.’

Egypt called on Israel to “stop the policies of collective punishment against the residents of the Gaza Strip, which represent a complete violation of the provisions of international law and international humanitarian law.”

Egypt also called on Israel to “comply with its responsibilities as the occupying power, and refrain from targeting civilians, and the necessity of providing urgent aid to the residents of the Gaza Strip.”

Egypt renewed its warning against the dangers of carrying out any military operation in the city of Rafah “because of it
s dire humanitarian consequences that would befall Palestinian civilians who took refuge in Rafah as the last safe haven inside the Strip.”

It considered that “taking this measure despite warnings and international rejection of it reflects indifference to the lives of innocent civilians, and is a grave violation of international law and international humanitarian law.”

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon