Egyptian MP: Calling Qatar For Turkish Troops Is A Declaration Of War

BAGHDAD � A Member of the Egyptian House of Representatives, Abdul Rahim Ali considered Qatar's call to Turkish troops to be present on its territory, on the issue of cutting ties of the four countries as a declaration of war on these countries.

Ali said in a press statement that "for reasons that everyone knows, the most important of which is Qatar's support terrorism, extremist organizations and its attempt to divide the region in favor of plans and strategies that work against Arab national security, the four countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain) cut ties with Doha, and this is the inherent right of those states."

He added that "Qatar's call to Turkish forces to be present on its territory turned the issue to another track, which is a declaration of war on the four countries, and the next will be most dangerous."

The Turkish army announced in a statement on June 13 that the agreement between Ankara and Doha on the establishment of a Turkish military base and the legal status of the Turkish armed forces in the Qatari territories, which allows the deployment of Turkish troops in Qatar permanently, entered into force on June 15,

The countries boycotting Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, earlier presented a list of demands to Doha; the most important is to reduce diplomatic representation with Iran, and expel any member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on its territory.

The list also called on Qatar to close the Turkish military base on the Qatar territories, and demanded compensation not mentioned in size, along with other demands.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency