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Election Commission: The election results will be announced one day after they are held

Baghdad The Independent High Electoral Commission announced that the announcement of the election results will take place one day after its conduct.

In her weekly statement issued today, it stated that the Commission is preparing to launch its educational media campaign to distribute the electronic voter card in June of this year for a period of (three months) to the electorate who registered and updated their electoral data biometrically and in their different categories in an effort to ensure their electoral right.

It explained that the Board of Commissioners took a decision to approach the company contracting with the Central Bank of Iraq that handles printing the Iraqi currency, and the Election Commission formed a committee headed by the head of the electoral administration Judge (Abbas Farhan Hassan) and the membership of the deputy head of the electoral administration for technical affairs and a number of specialized employees for the purpose of negotiating with the German company (Kizka Plus Different), which the Council of Ministers approved the procedures for contracting with it to print the ballot papers and forms for the elections, and obligating it with the timing of the timetable for the electoral process that is scheduled to take place on the tenth of next October.

The Board of Commissioners unanimously agreed to announce the preliminary results of the polling stations (public and private) after the completion of the electronic and manual sorting and counting of the stations to be selected from each polling station. If there is a difference in the results of the counting and manual counting from the electronic results by 5%, the sorting and counting is done. Manual for all polling center stations in the same building, and the preliminary announcement of the results of the voting after the completion of the process of sorting and manual counting will be within (24) hours of the end of the special poll, as well as the general vote, the results of which will also be announced within (24) hours of the end of the general poll.

In the context of the final preparations for the upcoming October 10 elections, the Electoral Commission addressed the security institutions in order to complete the procedures related to private voting and to withhold the names of voters from the affiliates of these institutions from the voter register for general voting, in addition to completing the final spread of the special voting voter ballot and printing the voter card for them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency