Electoral Commission to / NINA /: The winning candidates with valid votes do not need a “quota”

Baghdad The Electoral Commission has settled the controversy over the multiplicity of winning women candidates within the electoral districts, and their right to win the new parliamentary seats.

Member of the Board of Commissioners, Ahlam Al-Jabri, stated, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), that "the Electoral Commission recorded the victory of more than one female candidate with her valid votes in more than one electoral district, and she does not need a quota for this."

She explained, "In the event that there is more than one female candidate who will win the correct votes within the stations of the same electoral district, she will win her right seat by competing just like the male candidate, and thus she does not need a quota within her district."

She added, "The woman candidate needs the quota, only in the event that she is not a winner with the number of votes within her electoral district, that is, the "highest loser" according to the electoral law, and therefore the male candidate can be replaced and the seat will be from the quota of a woman candidate," indicating that "in the event of exhaustion Quota candidates, the number stipulated in the law, including no less than 83 women, there is no replacement at that time.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency