Electricity fee collectors in Kut close the governorate’s electricity distribution office due to the lack of response to their demands

Kut Dozens of electricity fee collectors in the city of Kut closed today the headquarters of the Wasit Electricity Distribution Branch due to the failure to respond to their demands.

A member of the coordinating committee of the demonstration, Mustafa Al-Budairi, told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that: “This demonstration was organized after we got tired of the promises of the Ministry of Electricity, parliament members and other government officials to meet our demands.”

He added, “We demand that we be transferred from Resolution 341 in 2019 to contracts in accordance with Resolution 315, and the release of financial allocations, since we are certificate holders and we work according to 5% of the amounts of electricity wages collected, which do not enable us to provide the requirements of our daily lives.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency