Baghdad / NINA / – The Ministry of Electricity announced today, Friday, an agreement on debt scheduling and the imminent return of all Iranian gas releases.

The Ministry Spokesman, Ahmed Moussa, said in a statement to the official News Agency: “There are debts and dues payable to the Iranian side,” noting that “it was agreed during the meeting of the Ministers of Electricity and Finance and the Director General of the Commercial Bank of Iraq (TBI) to reschedule the debts in order to resume the releases of Iranian gas in the coming days.

He pointed out that “in the event that Iranian gas is resumed, its production will reach about 22,000 megawatts of electricity, indicating that” the increase in production will be reflected in an increase in the number of hours of providing citizens with electricity.”

Moussa added that “gas releases from the Iranian side are still declining at 20 million cubic meters out of the 70 million cubic meters needed by the Ministry of Electricity in the summer.” / End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency