Energy Police arrests (9) persons and seizes a vehicle in Salah al-Din and Basra Governorates

Energy Police detachments arrested (9) persons and seized a vehicle in Salah al-Din and Basra Governorates.

The Ministry of Interior stated in a statement: Detachments of the Second Brigade, Energy Police, arrested a suspect and seized his vehicle carrying an oil product of unknown quantity and quality, and which did not carry official approvals for the product loaded in Salah al-Din Governorate.

In the same context, the Ninth Brigade detachments arrested (8) defendants in Basra Governorate who were trying to enter the Majnoon oil field illegally. The seized items were seized and the defendants were deposited in the relevant oil police stations in the governorates, in preparation for presenting the cases before the competent judiciary.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency