Erdogan: Israel will be held accountable for every persecution it has practiced in Palestine, and I do not know where Netanyahu will flee to then

Istanbul - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: Israel will be held accountable for every persecution it has practiced on the lands of Palestine since World War II, and there is no escape from that, and I do not know where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will flee to then.

Erdogan stressed in his speech following a meeting of the Turkish Council of Ministers on Wednesday in the capital, Ankara, that the more the Israeli administration, sheltered in the West, escalates its repression, the greater the price it will pay later.

He added: "Israeli officials will be tried in the humanitarian court sooner or later, and they will receive the punishment they deserve, and their place will be in the dustbin of history."

The Turkish President described, "Killing innocent children, women, the elderly, and defenseless people with the latest war machines is an inability reserved for cowards like Israeli officials."

Erdogan stressed that his country will work side by side with like-minded countries and non-governmental organizations regarding Gaza, to put the issue on the agenda of every international platform in order to ensure the achievement of tangible results.

Erdogan stressed that if the United States of America and European countries had not provided unlimited political, military and economic support to Israel, the rulers of this “terrorist state” would not have acted with such cruelty and recklessness.

The Turkish President stressed that the history of the West is very dark, ugly, brutal and full of cruelty, and that evidence of this was in Bosnia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Çanakkale, Palestine, Iraq and Syria.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency