EU Ambassador To Iraq Meets Kirkuk’s Governor

KIRKUK / EU ambassador to Iraq Patrick Simonet visited Kirkuk province suddenly and met, upon his arrival, its Governor Najimalddin Kareem.

The correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency / said "The Ambassador of the European Union held a meeting with the governor of Kirkuk, during which they discussed political, economic and security situation and file of displaced people, in the presence of a number of members of the provincial council in Kirkuk.

The governor of Kirkuk, during the meeting, gave a presentation to the reality of Kirkuk, especially the security and humanitarian sector, stressing that the terrorist gangs Daesh not able to achieve any progress in Kirkuk fronts, because of Peshmerga forces, the police and Asaish as well as the support of the citizens of Kirkuk.

He added that the province is facing significant challenges, especially in the displaced file and the lack of sufficient support for them to face the pressures of Kirkuk's institutions, where it daily receives 200 displaced people fleeing from Hawija and its surroundings regions, stressing the importance of the safe return of displaced people to all the liberated areas.

For his part, the European Union's ambassador expressed his understanding for the situation of Kirkuk, stressing EU support for the plans and programs of the administration of Kirkuk and its success in achieving security and the efforts of relief and sheltering the displaced.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency