EU To Discuss Supporting Police And Judiciary In Iraq

Baghdad - "The European Union is considering forming a mission to advise the police and the judiciary in Iraq after the defeat of the terrorist organization Daesh," diplomatic sources said.

Prime Minister Haider Abadi's government has asked the European Union for a assistance year ago.

"In response to a request by the Iraqi authorities, the EU is considering the deployment of a team to advise and help to reform the security sector," the draft summaries of a 28-nation EU foreign ministers' meeting in Luxembourg said on last Monday.

The draft, which the ministers still have to formally adopt, added that this "team" whose mandate, tasks, and size remain to be determined, "will assist in the reform efforts" of the police and judiciary in Iraq.

"There is a need to take specific measures to reform the security sector in order to strengthen the fight against terrorism, to provide strategic advice or to assist in the renewal of the criminal network of police and judiciary," a diplomatic source said.

"In principle, there is a consensus (of the 28 EU member states) to move forward on this issue, but many other issues remain" at this stage around the specific tasks and scope of the mission, "the source added.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency