European officials have warned that some 1,000 militant women could return to the West, posing a real threat to their security and safety.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, Brussels fears that hundreds of women will return with their children after fleeing from areas of tension in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

“The threat is on the rise and is developing from day to day,” said a report by Frontex, an EU Agency that monitors the international borders of member states.

“The threat is coming from women who lost their husbands during the confrontations, as well as from orphaned children,” the report said, adding that it is difficult to assess the threat, but we are sure it will be long.”

“An estimated 30 per cent of 5,000 European terrorist fighters have returned to their countries from Syria, Iraq and Libya, while some 1,000 Europeans have left for extremist groups, especially in the region,” Frontex said.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency