Extinguishing a large fire in a commercial building in eastern Baghdad

Baghdad The Civil Defense teams put out a large fire in a commercial building in Palestine Street, east of Baghdad.

A statement by the Directorate stated that the civil defense teams evacuated a four-storey residential-commercial building from its occupants after a large fire broke out in the Palestine Street area near the Turkmen Club, with the participation of fifteen fire and rescue teams.

He explained that the teams used the ladder vehicle designated for high buildings with dual use as an extinguishing and rescue operation to speed up the control of the fire and succeeded in evacuating all families from inside the residential apartments and removing the danger of fire from the houses adjacent to the site of the accident and ending the accident without recording injuries or human losses while limiting its material damage inside the burning building.

It is noteworthy that the building was completely covered with flammable cobond panels, in violation of the safety and security instructions issued by the Civil Defense Directorate, which accelerated the spread of the fire within minutes from the bottom of the building to the top.

He pointed out that the Civil Defense requested to open an investigation at the police station responsible for the geographical area, based on the report of the forensic expert, to determine the causes of the fire in the first place.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency