-Facing the current challenges and their dangerous consequences requires the unity of the international position

" BAGHDAD / Vice President Iyad Allawi said that terrorism is hitting all countries and societies, including countries that have minimized the dangers of this threat, or those that have supported the opposition armed groups in other countries to create chaos that generates only terrorism.

"Facing these challenges and their dangerous consequences requires the unity of the international situation, or most of it, and the unity of the countries of our region, which are more exposed to violent than others, in the face of this deadly danger," he said.

" He added that the bitter experience of the peoples of the region over the past two decades sometimes makes the different positions of terrorism and extremism unwise to keep away from addressing their real causes and their important backgrounds that have led to the expansion of violence.

Allawi said: "We have been the pioneers in the national and regional frameworks to call for national reconciliation and renounce political sectarianism and quotas and build the institutions of a state based on citizenship, truth, justice and the rule of law, a country that can accommodate all Iraqis.

"He stressed that our calls have been continuous to hold a regional security conference that produces a collective and rapid response to the common threat of terrorism and extremism and establishes new and different rules of relations among the countries of the region based on mutual benefits and balance, respect for sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, and the Gulf-Gulf relations on the basis of dialogue and understanding is a prerequisite for the success of such a conference. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency