Baghdad The Committee of Inquiry revealed new details about the events that accompanied the October demonstrations, and confirmed that 112 officers and personnel were summoned to investigate.

“The committee has summoned more than 7,000 judicial documents from the competent courts, and they have been viewed by the judges, members of the fact-finding committee, who were chosen by the Prime Minister to ensure access to impartial results and raise ambiguity about this thorny issue,” said the committee’s spokesperson, Muhammad Al-Janabi, in a statement to the official agency.

He added that “the detection of the perpetrators is a matter of time, because the process is judicial and legal, and it requires the disclosure of papers and criminal evidence, the detection of evidence, access to forensic medicine records, listening to witnesses and families of the victims, in addition to summoning the accused, to ensure that a correct judicial decision is issued and referred to the competent courts without any legal loophole or a mistake or accusing anyone haphazardly. ”

He explained that “the committee also summoned the families of martyrs from the governorates, recorded their testimonies and referred them to official institutions such as the Martyrs and Victims of Terrorism Foundation to compensate them and include them within the laws in force in the country.”

Regarding the security services’ personnel, Al-Janabi explained that “the committee summoned 22 officers from the rank of captain to a major general, and about 90 affiliates from the ministries of interior and defense,” noting that “some of the officers and affiliates are accused of murder cases, and the other part are the victims.”

Concerning the date of disclosure of the perpetrators and the issuance of judicial decisions against them, Al-Janabi said, “The committee has summoned the cases that were filed by the victims’ families to the competent courts and took their legal course, to be examined again by the competent judges of professionalism and impartiality, and to re-investigate until the right and fair judicial decisions are issued.” indicating that“ the committee has continued its work since its formation until now, and has mobilized all relevant ministries and institutions from the ministries of interior, defense, justice and health, the Supreme Judicial Council, national security, intelligence and anti-terrorism agencies, to reveal the facts to the public and international opinion as well. ”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency