Faleh Al-Fayyadh: Every movement of the Popular Mobilization is by the order of the Joint Operations Command

Baghdad Head of the Popular Mobilization Committee, Faleh al-Fayyadh, confirmed: “Every movement of the Popular Mobilization is by order of the Joint Operations Command.”

Al-Fayyadh said in a speech at Al-Rafidain Forum 2021: “The concept of state forces is a political slogan adopted by Ammar Al-Hakim for the sake of electoral propaganda, and it is a respectable opinion.”

He added, “We are surprised by the rumors that categorize the Popular Mobilization Forces as non-state forces, as the Popular Mobilization is the one who protected this country from falling during the ISIS war,” noting: “Sovereignty is the most important requirement for the establishment of the state, and the Popular Mobilization defends this sovereignty.”

Al-Fayyadh explained: “The Popular Mobilization is among the parties that will not allow a repetition of what happened in Tunisia’s political experience,” stressing that: “We must differentiate between the Popular Mobilization factions and the resistance factions that we have no authority over in the Popular Mobilization Authority.”

He continued, “If I had to choose between implementing an order of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and something different that the reference required, I would prefer to withdraw from the position.”

Al-Fayyadh concluded by saying: “Whoever defends Iraq has the right to be in its leadership.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency