Federal Police Kill 53 Terrorists In The Old City Of Mosul

BAGHDAD � The commander of the federal police Lt. Gen Raed Shaker Jawdat announced that 53 terrorists from Daesh were killed during the battles to liberate Ras Al-Jadda and Bab al-Beid areas in the old city of Mosul's right side.

"Our heroine units surrounded extremist terrorist groups in the Old City," Jawdat said in a statement, added that "The military operations at the Ras al-Jadda and Bab al-Beid resulted in the killing of 43 terrorists, including 3 experts of explosives, the destruction of five explosive vehicles, the dismantling of 15 explosive devices, and seizing ammunition warehouse ".

"Federal police fighters are engaged in fierce fighting, clashing with light arms and hand grenades on the roofs of narrow houses and narrow alleys, killing 10 of them and destroying two bicycles bombs and advancing is continuous in the old city," he added.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency