Field Commander In Peshmerga: Liberation Of Hawija Will Be After Tal Afar

Kirkuk, Iraq (NINA) - The official of the axis of southern Kirkuk in the Peshmerga forces, Major General Wasta Rasool announced an agreement with the international coalition forces to postpone the liberation of Hawija after the completion of the liberation of Tal Afar in province of Nineveh.

Maj. Gen. Rasool told NINA that "a meeting was held at the headquarters of the Peshmerga forces attended by the commander of 70th Brigade forces Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa and the head of the protection and information in the Kurdistan region, Lahore Sheikh Janki and a number of Peshmerga leaders with senior leaders of the coalition forces to discuss the issue of the liberation of Hawija and terrorist of Daesh movements within the borders of the province of Kirkuk and Dakuq south of Kirkuk.

He added that the two sides / Peshmerga and the International Alliance / reached during the meeting to agree that the liberation of Hawija will be after the liberation of Tal Afar because it belongs to the province of Nineveh from the administrative point of view and the liberation of the province in full and then start the battle of liberation Hawija.

He added that the coalition countries pledged to support the Peshmerga forces in the liberation of Hawija and the protection of Kirkuk and the surrounding areas.

In a related context, the security sources said that the splits hit the leaders of the first line of Daesh in areas south and west of Kirkuk, especially after the liberation of the city of Mosul and tighten the screws on the terrorist organization.

The sources pointed out that a state of panic and uncertainty and confusion prevail among the leaders of the organization, who prevented the use of telephones or generators or move between one area and another.

Daesh began a campaign to booby-trapped the vehicles confiscated from the displaced and the fleeing families to use them in attacks or to confront any military operation aim to moving towards areas south and west of Kirkuk.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency