Today, Saturday, Jordan announced that its armed forces carried out five airdrops of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza in an international campaign in which Germany participated for the first time, according to “Russia Today”.

The Jordanian “Petra” news agency said in a statement that “the humanitarian aid included medical and food supplies that were dropped over several sites in the northern Gaza Strip, with the participation of two C130 aircrafts from the Royal Jordanian Air Force, one of which carried out a landing of urgent medical aid on the Jordanian field hospital, and “Gaza 77”, an aircraft belonging to the Republic of Egypt, and another belonging to the United States of America, as well as an aircraft belonging to the Federal Republic of Germany, which is its first participation with the Jordanian Armed Forces.

It added: “The process of disembarking Jordanian aid came in cooperation with the Sultanate of Brunei and embodies Jordan’s firm and supportive position for the Gaza Strip, and an emph
asis on continuing to assist our Palestinian brothers in various circumstances.”

The Jordanian Armed Forces confirmed continued “humanitarian and medical aid via an air bridge to be delivered by aid planes from Marka (Amman International) Airport towards Al-Arish International Airport, or through airdrops on the Gaza Strip or ground aid convoys.”

Source: National News Agency-Lebanon