Five terrorists killed, their vehicle burned, and their weapons and equipment seized in the Anbar desert

The Security Media Cell announced that 5 terrorists were killed, their vehicles were burned, and their weapons and equipment were seized in the Anbar desert.

The Cell stated in a statement: “According to accurate intelligence information from the Military Intelligence Directorate, it was reported that there was a den for ISIS terrorist gangs in the Zaghitoun Valley near the village of Arab Hajul, where the den was spotted with five members of ISIS gangs inside it, and as a result of the air strike that targeted the den and the five members inside it were killed.” After searching and inspecting by the directorate’s detachments, with the participation of forces from the reconnaissance battalion, the leadership of the 11th Division, and the special forces, and after arriving at the place, (5) bodies of ISIS terrorist members were found, (5) GC and Kalashnikov rifles, mobile devices, an explosive belt, various equipment, and supplies, Medical equipment, medicines, mattresses, blankets, cooking utensils, and technical and electrical equipment. The seized items were removed according to the applicable procedures and handed over to the competent authority.”

The heroic Military Intelligence Directorate made a promise to the Iraqi people and our supreme military authorities to take just retribution against the defeated extremist terrorist elements.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency