FM, Austrian counterpart discuss efforts to stop Israel’s war against Gaza

Amman: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Ayman Safadi, said that Jordan’s first priority is to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza immediately, and that bringing humanitarian aid to the besieged Strip is a second priority.

In a joint press conference held Wednesday evening with his Austrian counterpart, Alexander Schallenberg, Safadi stressed the importance of bringing humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip sufficiently and completely to confront an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe for decades.

He stated that because Israel prevents enough aid from reaching the Gaza Strip, over 2.3 million Palestinians are at risk of hunger.

He stated, “The war has been ongoing for too long, and its victims number in the tens of thousands,” emphasizing that more than half a million Palestinians are now experiencing the world’s greatest rates of starvation, which must cease immediately.

He emphasized that this action will not bring security or peace, but will instead lead to more co
nflict and escalation. As a result, the entire world community must work together to put an end to this as soon as possible.

He referred to the escalation in the occupied West Bank, which threatens to exacerbate the situation, particularly as the holy month of Ramadan approaches, underscoring the need to halt all Israel’s measures taken to restrict worshipers’ right to carry out their religious duties during this holy month, as well as to adhere to the historical and legal situation in Islamic and Christian holy sites in the occupied Jerusalem.

Additionally, Safadi warned of the risk of settlement growth and the announcement made by an extremist in the Israeli government to begin construction on new settlements. He said that this is an escalation that will only heighten tensions and that the international community unanimously condemns it as a violation of international law.

He said that Jordan aspires to a just and comprehensive peace, which it believes cannot come to pass until the Palestinians are grant
ed their right to freedom and the ability to govern their own territory in compliance with the terms of reference that have been approved, allowing them to coexist peacefully and securely with Israel.

He reiterated that Jordan will keep up its regional and global efforts to put an end to this calamity and fully realize Palestinian rights in order to bring about peace that will provide security and stability for both Israelis and Palestinians.

He indicated that even before to October 7, UNRWA has been the target of political assassination attempts. He went on to say that every dollar taken from UNRWA was taken from a patient or a child and that UNRWA is an indispensable organization for the Palestinian people.

Source: Jordan News Agency